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Twenty one year old Shafia and her family were outcasts in their Pakistani village.  They were poor, and many of their Muslim neibhbors scorned them because they followed Jesus Christ.  People called them chura, which means ” lowcaste sweeper” . They were considered the lowest of the low. In Shafia’s village Muslim men harassed Christian girls. Shafia’s brother Rafi publicly confronted them. Months later, he was killed.

The family wanted to prosecute Rafi’s killers, but they needed help.  A man named Masood offered to file the neccessary paperwork for them.  Masood asked Shafia to sign some papers for the case. but later, she discov ered it was a marriage certificate. Masood bragged the two were now married, and Shafia enrage Masood by disputing the marriage.

On Sept. 25, 2007, Masood kidnapped Shafia at gunpoint. He locked her in an upstairs room of his house. He beat her and raped her repeatedly.   Masood told her, ” If you convert to islam, I will stop beating you.” But she stayed strong telling him, ” Christianity is my religion, not Islam.  I am a Christian, and if you want to kill me  then kill me, but i will not accept Islam.”

After four months in captivity, Shafia found the door unlocked one day while Massood was at work. she fled to her family. The family’s situation was desperate.  They had to pay to file a legal case against Masood. They had no money, so they borrowed $217. To pay the , all 11 members of the family worked at a brick kiln, making bricks 12 hours a day.

” Daily in the evening we had a prayer meeting at home with my family. i felt strong in my faith when we read the  Word,” Shafia said.

Shafia and her family ar free from their debt of labor today because of Voic e of the Martyr’s fund. Mondey from the fund paid Shafia’s debt and allowed her family to purchase a rickshaw.  Now the family has a taxi business and they earn enough to take care of their needs.  With her dept paid,, Shafia is living a normal life in her village.  She still attends weekly prayer meetings and continues to stand for her beliefs.

This is a story shared by the Voice of the Martyrs, and is taken from their pulciation ” Praying for a RESCUE”. 

Check out tomorrow to hear the story of the second women, the title of the article is two women.


I was listening to my favorite Christian Radio Station the other day, WAY FM, and the morning talk show hosts were having a discussion about a song that has a line in it that says the following (paraphrase) ” I found God on a street corner smoking his last cigarette”.  Now what the conversation quickly became was about is smoking a horrible sin?

Now I am an ex-smoker, and I am the last one that would preach about smoking or not smoking.  And if you think I am going there you are wrong.  The conversation on the radio became a comparison of smoking.  Ranking it with other sins.  Ad in the grand scheme of things do I think that smoking cigarettes should be on the same level of sin as say murder, or lying, or stealing.  Can’t say that I would make that decision. But there is a catch in that statement.

The catch is what “I” would say.  Me, the dumb bald one writing this post. I might not see smoking as “bad” sin, or one of the worst.  But when you start putting sin in a priority list you start down a slippery slope.  And before you know it you are in a dangerous space of legalism.  Where you say that it is okay to commit these sins because they are not as bad as other sins.  Sound like anyone from the Bible? 

IF, and I put that in big letters because smoking is something that the Bible does not speak clearly about, if you classify smoking as a sin you can not place it in priorty listing.  Once something falls under the catagory of sin it no longer comes under human perspective and automatically comes under God’s perspective.  And the way that He sees sin is simple, it is sin, and there is no other definition. All sin put Jesus on the cross.  And it is by His blood that we can have forgiveness of any and all sins, because all sins must be forgiven and brought under the blood.

Have you ever seen the movie ” 30 days of night”?  I know that it is a movie that is probably not very high on the clean list. It is bloody, yes I agree.  And of course by no means would I consider it a good movie.  The plot was predicatable, acting not very good, and the story line incredibly predictable.  But I love vampire stories.  And in light of it’s recent popularity I know what your next question is, have I seen “Twilight”? And the answer would be, NO.  A story about vampires that do not drink human blood is not a vampire story.  Those stories have nothing to do with vampires.  Stories of vampires are about the struggle of good versus evil, and the darkness versus the light.  That is the story of a vampire.  Okay stepping off this rabbit trail, let me get back to the movie “30 days of night”. 

If you haven’t seen the movie it set in town in Northern Alaska, and where this town is located there is a particular time of year where there is no sun for 30 days.  Perfect feeding ground for vampires, right? And you would be right.  That is the plot of this story, these vampires come into this town and successfully break all communications and isolate those people in the town.  And for 30 days without sun light they have a feeding ground.  So for 30 days of night these survivors struggle to hide, fight and stay alive from the vampires.  Towards the end of the time the vampires realize that the sun will be returning and there is a particular scene which is the round about point of talking about this whole movie.  The lead vampire is sitting down talking to his subordinates and he says to them knowing that there are survivors still hiding in the town, and they have to leave.  Realizing that they will be left behind he makes the statement, ” We have worked to hard to make them believe that we don’t exist.” 

Making someone think that you do not exist is an excellent way to hide, and fight a war.  Think about it.  If you are a vampire and you want to hide your existence, the best way to do is to make people believe that you don’t exist.  Make a stupid movie about a bunch of people going to an eastern european town, or maybe a bunch of boys in Santa Cruz.  then when someone walks along and says there are vampires, everyone will think you are nuts.  The best way to hide is to make your very existence laughable!  Brilliant!

Well I know that vampires do not exist, I know the history behind the legend.  But this morning while driving to my first appointment I was listening to WAY FM morning show and they were talking about the belief in Satan.  Apparently tomorrow night on Nightline there is going to be a discussion of several intellectuals debating the existence of Satan.  There is apparently one man who does not believe in Satan.   That doesn’t surprise me, but then they said that he believed in God and believe in angels.  He just didn’t believe that angels were created with free will, which in essence means that Satan (once an angel) could not rebel if he did not have free will. This would defy the very definition of who Satan is.  And of course if there is no Satan then there is no source of evil.  So the debate continues that there is no source of evil, that all the evil in the world is a result of man’s choices. And I don’t even question that there is evil in man, but I firmly believe that Satan exists.  And is the source of all evil.

So, well done Satan. Well done on convincing the world that you don’t exist.  If you don’t exist we don’t have to worry about you, becuase you are a figment of our imagination.  Then you can have free reign to do whatever you want.  Because no matter what you do you can never get blamed because you don’t exsist.

Everyone in America has the right to believe what they wish, they are given that right in America.  But Christians we must not let Satan establish the belief that he does not exist. We will give him free reign to do as he pleases and lie, steal, destroy as he is desires to do.  I don’t want to preach Satan’s existence but we have to be careful oursleves that we do not trivalize his existence and help his charade that he does not exist.  Because if we fail in our task of sharing salvation, which includes the story and existence of Satan, with the world then there will be many souls that are truly well done in hell when they meet Satan face to face.

The other day I was involved with my small group and we were in the middle of a discussion.  We were discussing some of the pressures that Christians face around the world and also here in the United States. Now while there is no comparision between the two types of persecution, and I hestitanly use the word persecution when referring to Christians here in America.

The discussion covered varying topics, and quickly revovled around the struggles here in the United States as that was the experience of almost everyone in the room.  Many of us never facing persecution as others do in other countries around the world for our faith.  We talked about how it was the standard today that all faiths were protected today in the United States but Christianity.  How it was okay that Christians could be made fun of and that was acceptable. 

As the discussion began to evolve it quickly turned to things like we have the right to freedom, we have the right to this.  And in America we do have all of these religious freedoms, and thank God for those blessings! But that got me to thinking about the difference between priveleges and rights.

Now I firmly believe that one day in America Christians will be openly persecuted like they are in a majority of countries around the world.  But when that time comes and America turns away from the one true God and accepts the God of political correctness, Christians might have a wake up call. 

In America we have freedoms, we have rights, and we have priveleges.  But we have to remember where those freedoms, rights and privleges are coming from.  Those things all come from the Contsitution, the Bill of Rights and the laws of this great country.  And while this country is a blessing from God, and was created by those seeking freedoms to worship God by their choices, it is not a country that is guarnteed by God.

America is by far the best country in the entire world, and I love her.  But I have to remind myself that the things that I have here, while given  by God, are not guarnteed by God.  Which means that at anytime they can be removed.  I am not talking about God’s hand of protection here over the country. I am talking about his hand of protection over his disciplies, his children here in America.  No where in the word of God does it state that we will have the right to free speech, the right of religous freedom, the right to gather and assemble, the right to worship God without the fear of punishment or persecution.

Here is a little seceret the Bible actually says the opposite. It tells us that the world will hate us, because it hated him first.  If you think of America as a shield of protection against persecution, that shield is only as thick as a piece of paper.  The paper that the laws are written on which give us that protection.  It does not take much to destroy or change paper.  And one day when that shield is gone, Christians need to watch that they don’t turn to God and say but yo gave us this freedom.

And he did give it to us, but he doesn’t guarntee it!  It is a privelege and not a right!  The only right that we have is to follow Him. And His life and death was not the American Dream! But all praises be to the Lamb that His life, and His Death were enough for my salvation!

Thank God now for the blessings that we have in America.  But remember that they are only blessings, and such blessings are not guarntees for the disciplies of Christ.

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Posted: June 8, 2008 in Politics
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It is that time again. Where the mudslinging begins.  As the dust begins to settle between the parties and they themselves begin to pick their candidate for President, the citizens of the US begin to look to where they will vote.  Senator Clinton has thrown her support behind Obama, and for all intents and purposes it looks like Senator McCain will be the Republican representative.  As the political analysts have their field day with over analysying every word that is said by the candidates the church must listen, and listen only.

No where in the Bible do we have it recorded where the church was voting in a political race. Mainly because the idea of democracy wouldn’t be around for about another 1,700 years.  But in the United States we have a unique situation where the church as a whole can not only be drawn by congregational lines but by political lines.  And this can be dangerous. 

I believe that every citizen should vote, and should vote intelligently.  By looking at the candidates and learing what they believe and stand for.  And I know that a lot of candidates make campaign promises that they never keep.  But that is no different than when we make a promise to a brother or sister in Christ and fail to keep it.  While learning as much as we can about the candidates we have to listen to what is being said, but also more importantly listen and hear the Holy Spirit.

Please note that I said listen and hear the Holy Spirit.  When we vote we can not, as believes, vote independently of our beliefs and the leading of the Spirit.  It can be hard but political lines are not biblical.  The only bibilical political line is the line to God.  And how can we cast something as powerful as a vote, without consulting Him. 

Imagine what are nation would look like if we voted by follwing the spirit as a nation after devoted prayer. I think that our nation would look very different than it does now in many ways.  So by all means vote! But don’t vote without asking, listening and hearing what God has to say.