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I was on facebook this morning and just checking in on my ‘friends’ and seeing what they are up to. Really it was a delay to the inevitable beginning of a Monday at work.  As I was skimming through the latest posts I noticed a lot of the kids from the youth group posting comments about the passage of the health care bill.  Now I can remember being a high school student and voicing my opinions on different topics and I think that is a great way to encourage the excersicing of one’s political rights in this great country.  The thing that concerned me was when some of the posts were getting hateful, and insulting, and just really petty.  And those weren’t just the kids, unfortunately there were several adults that were posting very immature thoughts.

Okay for the record I was not for the health care reform.  Did I contact my appointed representatives, yes.  Did I contact them several times, yes.  Am I scared and disappointed that it passed, yes.  But….. and you knew there had to be one…..I am going to try and show a little maturity.

I work with a lot of kids and for whatever reason many of them look at me as role model, why I have no idea.  But they do.  And because they do I have an obligation to show a little maturity.  Maturity as an American and maturity as a Christian.

As an American I excercised my right when it came time to vote for a president, when it came time to vote for representation on the state and federal level.  However my votes were in the  minority and in some of the cases the majority.  But because my votes were not the consesus does not give me the right to pick apart my leaders, with slander, and hateful comments.  I can not proclaim the great American democratic process then tear it apart when it does give me what I want.  That would be incredibly childish.   This wonderful country gives me the right to vote, to excersie my opinion and beliefs.  But when I don’t get my way I don’t get to throw a temper tantrum.   I even heard stories of people wanting to fly their flags at half mast because they are that disappointed in the vote from yesterday. 

As a Christian I have to remember even more than that in my excersie of democracy.  One is that God did not give me the right to vote, the American democratic system did.  No where does the Bible give me the right to vote and freedom of speech, or anything.  That is a privelege that I have been given by being born in this country where that privelege was secured by the blood of many men and women.  That I have to remember and keep separate.  But the second thing that I have to remember is that the Bible does tell me to respect and obey those who are put into authority over me.  Doesn’t say I have to agree with what they do, or even like what they do, but I do have to respect them as appointed by God. 
So what example do we set for the next generation? Is it one of immaturity or maturity.  When we don’t get our way do we throw temper tantrums and create facebook groups like down with the democrats, or something like that.  I hate to tell you this but we all excercised our given rights as Amercian citizens.  The chips fell down and no matter where you stood on the issue it is done.  It has passed.  Am I scared of what it will mean,  sure.  But even in my worry or fear I will set an example that has faith first and foremost in my God, because He is bigger than any government or bill or law.  And secondly in the faith of the American system. That if something works then we approve it.  And if it doesn’t then we as the people pass laws to change systems that aren’t working. Sound familiar?
Show a little maturity when you demonstrate your views on the new healthcare practices. The next generation of Christians and Americans are watching, and following our lead.

Okay so I am watching television the other day and of course the inevitable commercials come on in between the shows.  I started to change the channels when a commercial caught my eyes, or better yet my ears were pricked.  I don’t even remember what the commercial was for, all I remember was how long the legal disclaimers were in the commercial.

I turned the channel and this time instead of trying to find another show to watch I was looking for commercials.  And it didn’t take to long to find commercials that also had the legal disclaimer on them.  And as I watched more and more commercials over a fifteen minute span of time I noticed one thing.  That the legal disclaimers in the commercial were longer than the advertisement for the actual product!

I don’t know which is worse in this world that we live in.  One, that we are a country were sueing someone is a sport and a way of life.  Or two, that we have determined that a product that has more risks than benefits is a worthy product to sell.

There was a time, and admitedly I don’t have personal rememberance of it, that a man stood behind his work.  You didn’t need the disclaimers because if your product wasn’t worth the work or was faulty then you made it right.  Where did that legacy go?  Now it is all about the almight dollar and how much can I make, and how well do I have to protect myself with legal disclaimers so that I can keep all of the money I make.  Forgot about just making a product that is needed. Forgot about making a quality product.  How quick can I get it out the door to someone is selling.

And don’t think I am laying all the blame on those that make the products.  I take part of the blame as well, and so do you.  That’s right we take part of the blame.  We are buying the junk.  We are forcing the twenty five second legal disclaimers on the thirty second commercials because we believe that because we bought a faulty product we deserve millions.  When we could have done the research a head of time to see what the companies reputation was.  How they were filed with the better buisiness bureau. Before we read the consumer magazines that described the tests done on the product. 

We are also to blame for allowing ourselves to become a society of at this moment and now.  I want so therefore you must give it to me and I will pay what you want.  While that is the definition of captilism, and I believe in captailism, I also believe in getting what I paid for.  So we are a society that has created such a demand that has lowered the quality of products in order to meet that demand.

Slow down, take a breath and demand quality products. Don’t except anything less. If we demand the quality be there and stop accepting the lower quality products.  Then the industry, the producers, the creators of so many things will raise their level of quality if they want to remain in business. We have the power.

Free Press

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Bible, Culture, Politics, Religion

Here is a quick thought.  I was sitting in the coffee shop this morning and the news was on.  There was  reporter that was trying to cover the story of the student protest in Tiamen Square in China. ( I know I probably spelled that wrong)  What was sadly hilarious as he tried to broadcast the Chinese secret police or whomever they are, were there.  Their job to hold umbrella’s up and try to block news  broadcasters that were trying to present a story.  They didn’t harm any of the reporters or lay one hand on it.  But they would get in between the camera and the reporter with their umbrella. As the reporters moved the secret service would move along with them.  Their ears are buzzing with the walkie talkies that are directing them.  They hovered like flies all around the reporters.

Made me not mind so much the bias of he media, but at least the media can broadcast what they want.  Thank God that we have the ability to be free in this country.  That is something that one day depending on which side of Christianity you are on could disappear.  No consipiracy theory, just a believer in the Bible.

The other day I was involved with my small group and we were in the middle of a discussion.  We were discussing some of the pressures that Christians face around the world and also here in the United States. Now while there is no comparision between the two types of persecution, and I hestitanly use the word persecution when referring to Christians here in America.

The discussion covered varying topics, and quickly revovled around the struggles here in the United States as that was the experience of almost everyone in the room.  Many of us never facing persecution as others do in other countries around the world for our faith.  We talked about how it was the standard today that all faiths were protected today in the United States but Christianity.  How it was okay that Christians could be made fun of and that was acceptable. 

As the discussion began to evolve it quickly turned to things like we have the right to freedom, we have the right to this.  And in America we do have all of these religious freedoms, and thank God for those blessings! But that got me to thinking about the difference between priveleges and rights.

Now I firmly believe that one day in America Christians will be openly persecuted like they are in a majority of countries around the world.  But when that time comes and America turns away from the one true God and accepts the God of political correctness, Christians might have a wake up call. 

In America we have freedoms, we have rights, and we have priveleges.  But we have to remember where those freedoms, rights and privleges are coming from.  Those things all come from the Contsitution, the Bill of Rights and the laws of this great country.  And while this country is a blessing from God, and was created by those seeking freedoms to worship God by their choices, it is not a country that is guarnteed by God.

America is by far the best country in the entire world, and I love her.  But I have to remind myself that the things that I have here, while given  by God, are not guarnteed by God.  Which means that at anytime they can be removed.  I am not talking about God’s hand of protection here over the country. I am talking about his hand of protection over his disciplies, his children here in America.  No where in the word of God does it state that we will have the right to free speech, the right of religous freedom, the right to gather and assemble, the right to worship God without the fear of punishment or persecution.

Here is a little seceret the Bible actually says the opposite. It tells us that the world will hate us, because it hated him first.  If you think of America as a shield of protection against persecution, that shield is only as thick as a piece of paper.  The paper that the laws are written on which give us that protection.  It does not take much to destroy or change paper.  And one day when that shield is gone, Christians need to watch that they don’t turn to God and say but yo gave us this freedom.

And he did give it to us, but he doesn’t guarntee it!  It is a privelege and not a right!  The only right that we have is to follow Him. And His life and death was not the American Dream! But all praises be to the Lamb that His life, and His Death were enough for my salvation!

Thank God now for the blessings that we have in America.  But remember that they are only blessings, and such blessings are not guarntees for the disciplies of Christ.

Full Support

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Politics
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It is that time again. Where the mudslinging begins.  As the dust begins to settle between the parties and they themselves begin to pick their candidate for President, the citizens of the US begin to look to where they will vote.  Senator Clinton has thrown her support behind Obama, and for all intents and purposes it looks like Senator McCain will be the Republican representative.  As the political analysts have their field day with over analysying every word that is said by the candidates the church must listen, and listen only.

No where in the Bible do we have it recorded where the church was voting in a political race. Mainly because the idea of democracy wouldn’t be around for about another 1,700 years.  But in the United States we have a unique situation where the church as a whole can not only be drawn by congregational lines but by political lines.  And this can be dangerous. 

I believe that every citizen should vote, and should vote intelligently.  By looking at the candidates and learing what they believe and stand for.  And I know that a lot of candidates make campaign promises that they never keep.  But that is no different than when we make a promise to a brother or sister in Christ and fail to keep it.  While learning as much as we can about the candidates we have to listen to what is being said, but also more importantly listen and hear the Holy Spirit.

Please note that I said listen and hear the Holy Spirit.  When we vote we can not, as believes, vote independently of our beliefs and the leading of the Spirit.  It can be hard but political lines are not biblical.  The only bibilical political line is the line to God.  And how can we cast something as powerful as a vote, without consulting Him. 

Imagine what are nation would look like if we voted by follwing the spirit as a nation after devoted prayer. I think that our nation would look very different than it does now in many ways.  So by all means vote! But don’t vote without asking, listening and hearing what God has to say.