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How do you know that when you are a book geek.  When you come home from dinner with the family and as you walk in to the house your wife says one of your books came.  And immediately your heart skips a beat.  Which one is it? Could it be this one, could it be that one that I ordered, ooh I can’t wait to see.  You skip right past the other envelopes and pick up the package with the book in it.  Oh wait it is the one that was hard cover! Which one of the three from the most recent order was hard cover?  Tearing in to it like a child on Christmas morning.  The clouds part and the angels begin to sing, and it is my copy of the “Didache: Ancient Christian Writers” I am in awe I open the book and turn the pages running my hands over each page like it is gold.  My wife walks into my study where I am standing just oogling my new boook. Which is used, with a few notes in it.  And she just laughs. 

Am I geek, oh yeah! And proud of it.