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Slap in the face

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Dreams, Faith, Family

Facebook is a funny beast.  We talk about all of these social networking websites that disconnect us from people and remove us from human interactions.  While I don’t argue that these sights, like facebook and myspace, can draw us away from interaction from others.  And I will admit that I am right now sitting in the living room writing this post, and I have facebook pulled up on another tab.  And I have a couple of instant message conversations going with a couple of the kids in the youth group and the head deacon at the church at this very moment. But these sights have a definte upside for people like me. 

Growing up I moved alot.  Until high school I never really lived anywhere long enough to develop a long time friend.  But it took all of about five minutes before I headed off to another town for college. And of course I couldn’t possibly go to school with anyone I knew.  Then after college decided I had to move again.  I have lived in Columbia, TN for six years now, and it is the longest timeframe I have ever lived one place for my entire life.  So facebook and myspace (which I gave up on) have allowed me to reconnect with friends from college and high school and even farther back that I have lost touch with.  To the friends I have reconnected with, I admit that I purposefully allowed those disconnections to happen and for that I apologize.

So yesterday I received a friend request from a high school friend that I have not spoken to since graduation many years ago.  And of course I was glad to receive the request, so I accepted.  Then today I received a message in my facebook inbox from her.  And in the message she complimented me on the life that I had been able to create. But the thing that slapped me in the face the most was the fact that she complimented me on knowing what I wanted back in high school, which was working with youth and also in the church, and then as she wrote, chasing after my dream and achieving them.  That blew me away!

While the compliment was extremely nice it made me stop and think for a moment. In high school there was one thing that I wanted to do with my life. And that was to work with youth and the church in some way.  I knew that with all my heart, and if you asked me what would make me happy it would to be doing just that, no matter what.  And low and behold many years later, that is exactly what I am doing.  Yet I forgot that was my dream!

I had gotten so caught up in what I don’t have, or what I want that I taughtly missed the wonderful things that I have in my life. And the dreams that I have acheived.  A simple comment from a long lost friend and it made my heart soar.  I drove back to work from having lunch at the house and just had to sing praises to God the whole way back.  The car is the only place I am allowed to sing as no one has to be tortured by my singing.  How quickly we get lost in the things we don’t have or want and miss the wonderful dreams that are coming to life everyday in your daughter’s laughter, your wife’s beautiful smile, the sight of your home after a long day.

Thank you God for the dreams come true that you have given me! The dreams are to many to list! You truly are a wonderful and might God!