Two Women….. one is still waiting

Posted: December 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

On Sept. 15, 2009 Sidra was with her brother when she was unexpectedly surrounded by 16 Muslim men.  As the 15-year old daugher of an evangelist, Sidra knew what would happen next. The men beat her brother and then kidnapped her… for the second time. Sidra continues to be held against her will. 

Sidra has been kidnapped twice in the past two years because of her father’s bold evangelistic work.  Her father, Javed, holds monthly prayer meetings in his home and invites both Christians and Muslims. One of Javed’s neighbors, was infuriated that he held Christian prayer meetings. especially on Firdays, the Muslim day of prayer.  To retaliate, the man and his mother kidnapped Sidra for the first time in February 2008.

They locked her in a room and forced her at gunpoint to sign marriage papers making her legally bound to her kidnapper.  ” Your father and your brothers have been thinking to themselves tha thtey can do anything, like prayer meetings. we brought you here to teach a lesson to your father,” the kidnappers told Sidra.

She was held for six months. She was raped daily. later, her abuser tried to turn Sidra into a prostitute.  Sidra convinced her first customer to let her use his cell phone, adn she called her father.  ”  I’m coming home,’ she said. Then she ran out the door. Sidra returned toher family, but they lived in fear that the kidnapper would abduct her again.  He lived just minutes away from her family.  They often saw him in their neighborhood.  Still their faith remained strong.  Tragically it did not take long before the fears of Sidra’s parents were realized.

Sidra was at home with her family for just a year before she was kidnapped a second time by the same man. Her parent know ho has her. They are struggling to get her back. Javed needs help to hire a lawyer and pay court costs.  Voice of the Martyrs is currently providing assistance to him.  We are praying that Sidra will be reutrned soon.  But we know that there are thousands of women like Sidra all over the world, kidnapped for their faith and waiting to be returned home.


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