Blindsided, but vision beginning to clear….

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

So here it is what I am coming around to. There are two sides to every situation and there are always many perspectives that need to be considered. So I am looking at the two sides of this situation, from the two different perspectives. One side being the top down from the company’s perspective and the second from the employee’s perspective looking up.

So let’s look at the company perspective.  It is no surprise to anyone that times are tough economically.  Everyone is making decisions that effect a lot of people, and those types of decisions are hard to make.  I do not envy those who have to make those decisions.  In the office I work in you have the second largest department in the state. second only to the department housed out of the corporate headquarters.  Growth that has occurred in the past two years has brought this department to this new level, that has been unrivaled.  Now in this office you have two partners that are working to continue this growth by one person recruiting and one training.  In the past there was one person doing both the recruiting and the training.  In either case the growth remained comparable equal, only about a fifteen percent difference in the growth between the two different operational styles.  And in all fairness the growth under the one person style was slightly higher than the two person approach.  So if I need to tighten the budget a little bit, it is a logical, economical place to start.  Go back to the one person modality, maintain the growth, and trim the budget.  Appears to be a win, win, scenario.

But there are two sides to every story.

So let’s look at the employee’s perspective.  And I do want to point out that I am looking at the employee who remains in the department, myslef. Not the partner that was being transferred to another department after learning that his position is being cut.  So I want to be fair to him that what I am now writing is completely selfish.  The things that I am processing are by no means comparable to the decisions that he is making this weekend.  For that I hope he respects my selfish nature in looking at myself.  I hope that he knows that he remains my friend, and brother in Christ no what department of company that he works with in the future. 

Looking at the second perspective from where I am standing.  In the two years I have been with the company I have met or exceed expectations or goals that were placed on me.  The first year blew past the expectations of growth and development.  The second year during the transition to the new style and the staff turnover the growth continued but not at the same rate, acknowledged.  Now here we are two years later.  In the past six months the work load was halved between myself and my new partner.  Now that partner is gone, but the work load remains just one less person to do it.  So I am back where I was at the beginning.  High goals, a pat on the back and go out and keep growing the department.  Nothing is changed, the rewards that were offered are gone, the promotions have passed me by but I am suppose to remain loyal and dedicated in my efforts. With no hope for benefit, reward or growth in my own career. The only reward for hard work, more hard work with the words, “thank you may I have some more.”

Two perspectives, one from the view of the company and one from the view of the individual.  One placing the needs of the many ahead of the needs of the one.  One placing his needs ahead of the many. And yes I love Star Trek in case you caught the quote.  Which philosophy is wrong and which one is right?  I think the better thought is that they are both wrong and they are both right.

So what now is the question that lies before me.  It is one of integrity.  More to come……

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