Blindsided, but refocused

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

So the decision has been made.  And no surprise, no one asked me what my thoughts were on the situation. So there is nothing left to decide, but is there?  The decision I have left to make is how will I respond, something completely under my control. And how I decide to respond will speak to my character but it will define what integrity I have.

I could leave the company and turn in my resignation come Monday morning.  That is one option that I have.  But this is not a reasonable response to the situation.  My partner who has been given the option of transferring it might be more of a consideration for him as he does not have choice in the work that he would be doing. I am returning to more work but it at the minimum is work that I signed on for when I came to the company as my wise wife pointed out, despite the fact that it is a little more than originally created. 

So that means that I stay.  And how I will stay is how my integrity and character will be defined.  There is always the option to act like a little child and throw a temper tantrum.  I could do half an effort, put half the work in to it, and do bare minimum of what is asked of me.  That does not indicate a man of character that I was raised to be. 

The man that I was raised to be was to give your best in everything that I do.  To do what is asked of you and to do it to the best of your ability.  If you are asked to walk a mile you not only walk the mile, but you walk it with focus, determination and purpose.  Walking in a way that the tracks you leave behind point to a man of honor, dedication and integrity.  If you do not walk in this way you do not walk at all.  There is no ninety percent in this effort.  There is no partial integrity, you either maintain your integrity or you don’t.  For once your integrity is lost it is lost forever.  It can not be reclaimed, so it must be protected with all effort and at all costs.

And there is the rub.  To maintain my integrity I have to not only do the job but do the job to the best of my ability with all my effort.  And that is hard, because I will honestly admit part of me wants to pout, stomp my feet, tank my efforts to spite those in authority.  To be the team player only benefits them, and they continue to get what they want with continued growth of the office and department. 

While the company reaps the benefit of the effort, despite how difficult it might be, or how hard a pill it is to swallow.  It must be swallowed and it must be stomached.  To please the company, absolutely not.  To please myself , no.  But to please my heavenly father, absolutely.  He has given me my integrity.  It is a gift from him, and I am responsible to Him and Him alone for it.  One day each one of us will have to answer for all the decisions that we made in this life.  We will be turned around to look at the path of our life and look at the foot prints that we left behind in this world.  And when I get to the end of my life, and it is my turn to look back and account for my decisions in this life I want to do that with integrity and a clear conscious. 

So there is no decision to make.  Monday morning I have to follow through to maintain my integrity.  Some might not agree with it and think that I am stupid. Some might think that I am stupid for even having to think through all of this.  I have to be who I am. The decisions that others make are theirs alone to account for one day.  The decisions I make are mine, and that includes how I respond to the effects that others decisions have on my life.  I can not control their decisions but I can control my actions. Integrity…….

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