The changing leaves

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Faith

Well this morning I was outside taking my dog Sapphire out to take care of her business.  As I stood there I was looking around the neighborhood at the brisk morning, that fall was slowly starting to gain control of, when I caught sight of the Red Maple tree in our backyard. 

We had this Red Maple planted at the slope of the hill, and as the weather has started to change so have it’s leaves.  They turn a wonderful shade of red, that reminds me of fall in Michigan with all the vibrant, bright colors.  While leaves turning in the fall is no real big surprise, the way they wore turning was what caught my eyes.

All along the backside of the tree all the leaves have turned red.  And there was a small overlap on the top where the red had crawled over the apex of the tree and started to work it’s way down the front of the tree.  I pondered for a moment why one side of the tree’s leaves were still green and the other was red as it could be.  Then Sapphire finished her business and started to sprint back towards the house, and I turned to go with her. It was when I turned that I go my answer.

As I turned around the morning sun beamed directly into my eyes, and temporarily blinded me.  I paused for a moment and looked back at the tree. It was the sun that was keeping the leaves green.  The front of the tree faced towards the east, and the rising sun.  But the backside of the tree faced toward the west, where the sun set.  But more importantly to the west of this four year old maple trees are five oak trees that are at least twenty years old and tower above the little Maple tree.  So in the evening they block the sun from reaching the maple tree.  So only the side facing the sun gets the most warmth and energy from the sun.

While this is a sheer fact of nature that could be proven any in third grade science experiement, or found in any science book in print, I know. But as I was beginning my day and had just finsihed reading my daily chapter of proverbs I began to think how much we are like that little Maple tree.

When we keep ourselves facing God, and draw our energy from Him, he will give us everything that we need to stay strong, even when the seasons change in our lives.  It is only when we turn ourselves away from him, or along things to get between him and us that we beginning to grow weary and tired, and the color of our lives begins to fade away. 

I wish that I could say that I spent the rest of the day keeping my face towards God at every moment.  But I didn’t.  The things of the day, the paperwork, the calls, the meetings quickly clogged the day and while occasionaly I would glance over at my Bible sitting on my desk I can not honestly say that I kept my face towards God all throughout the day and kept things from getting in the way.

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