I’m Back

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well I have been gone for a while and really have negelected this blog.  Sorry about that things have been a little crazy around in my world, and I let this slip away.  Well I have had an awesome day and I wanted to share it with everyone.  But before I do I wanted to share what I am committing to do with this page, mainly so that you can hold me accountable. And that is everyday to put something on the blog to show what God did in my life that day.  Now while he is always doing something, I am not always paying attention and I miss the blessings, the protections, the guidance, and the wisdom that he has in store for me every day. And I am hoping that by taking the specific time to stop and share what happened during the day it will not only put out to you who God is but to me, so that I can see what God is doing in my life.

Today we had the Lord’s Supper served in the church, and while many of you who have been to church that would seem like a normal function of the church.  Today was different.  Today was the first time as a deacon that I served the Lord’s Supper. And I must say it was absoluetly awesome.   I was swelling with pride, that was becoming borderline sin it was so much.  And I say that jokingly as I was just in awe that I was one of the ones sitting there. I was one of the deacons.

For years I have sat and watched my father serve as a deacon and now as I father myself it was my turn.  There I sat, or stood whichever the occasion might have been, and was one of those chosen to serve. Not just to serve crackers, and juice, but to SERVE.  And that filled me with such great awe.

Awe that I had been chosen by my church body to serve in such an awesome position of service, not just during the Lord’s supper, but throughout my days.  I know that I am not doing this story justice, because words can not convey the sheer joy that I felt as I worship in song, and in service, not as a servant of Christ but as a deacon! It was wonderful and I am still thanking God for allowing me to be chosen to serve as a deacon.

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