A Deacon now!

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Family Update
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You ever have those things happen to you, that you thought never would?  For whatever reason you just thought that would never happen to you, despite how much you wanted it to.  Well one of those things happened to me Sunday.  I have the oppurtunity and the blessing to be called and ordained as a Deacon by First Baptist of Columbia. 

It is a position of servanthood that I hold in high regard, and take with the utmost of sincerity.  It is an oppurtunity to serve my God, my church, and my brothers and sisters.  As a young man I watched my father become and serve as a deacon.  But it was one of those things that you thought would never happen to me because only happens to those who are adults, and mature and are a part of the church.  Never thought I would be adult enough to become a deacon. But somewhere along the line I grew up. 

I look forward to the next years of service, and am extremely thankful that I was able to have my loving wife at my side when ordained and my daughter watching in the audience. I know that she is only three years old and doesn’t really understand what happended. But one day she will say that she was there when her daddy was ordained.  I was also very thankful to have the oppurtunity to have Pastor Rick Blevins be the pastor who prayed over me.  He is a man that I have a high respect for and am very thankful for the opprutnity to serve along side him in this new fashion.  God is GOOD!

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