What a Blessing

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Family Update
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So tonight I come home from work and look at the lawn that needs cut.  But I just don’t have the time.  I need to get inside and change clothes and visit with my wife and daughter before returning to the youth services at church where I serve as a leader.  In the short conversations with my wife that I have in the few fleeting minutes I jokingly ask her a question.  “Does it make me insane that I thought about skipping church to cut the grass. Not because it needed it because it did, but because both of my neighbors on either side cut their lawns today. So it makes our look twice as bad. ”  Sounds like keeping up with the Jones’ right?  And the whole time I had already planned to cut the yard tomorrow night when I got home from work. 

After making the statement my wife reminds me that we have family coming down for a visit in the evening. And I tell her that i will get it done and have it squared away and should be wrapping it up by the time that they get here. So I change my clothes and head off to church. 

A couple of hours later I come home from the youth services and as I turn into the driveway I look down the front yard. I saw the tracts of the lawn mower.  At first glance I tell myself that it is the tracts from I cut it last week and I caught a glimpse of it as the sun was fading and I was turning into the driveway.  Then I pull into the driveway and look dead out over the front lawn. It is cut.  I pull the car in the garage and walk back out to look at the front lawn.  The side of the house and the front lawn have been cut.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had to walk into the garage and put my hand on the lawnmower just to make sure it had been used.  The whole time I am thinking that a neigbhorhood kid has come over and was trying to raise money and my wife paid him five bucks to cut the grass or something.

So I walk into the house set my Bible down and call out to my wife. She is in the bathroom giving our daughter a bath.  I walk in and ask what happended to the lawn. Not hello, not how are you, how was the evening.  Let’s get to the important stuff. What happened to my lawn?  My wife calmly and plainly looks at me and says that she cut it.  I am floored. I didn’t know what to say.  In our nearly six years of marriage my wife has not once helped me due yardwork.  Mainly because I wouldn’t let her I was to particular about how I wanted it done.  She tells me that she just wanted to see if she could do it.  She tells me that she was cutting the grass and our daughter had her toy lawnmower cutting another area.  I am sorry I ddin’t get to see that. I graciously thank her and ask how much she actually cut, and tell her what I thought had happened. 

I then turn around and take the dog out and walk the yard. My wife has done a wonderful job! She cut the entire front yard and did it well!

Then I come back in and I am helping get my daughter ready for bed.  As part of our nightly routine I take our daughter to the bathroom while my wife takes the puppy, dog number two, out for one last bathroom break before bed.  While I am helping my daughter in the bathroom I thank her for helping mommy cut the grass.  And then the secret is let out!

My three year old daughter looks across the bathroom at me and says that her and mommy didn’t want me to have to cut so much tomorrow and miss grandma coming for a visit. It had nothing to do with wanting to see if she could do it.  I just have the best wife!

I have the most wonderful wife in the world that helps me even when I don’t have the sense to ask for it.  Who gives without seeking credit or thanks.  So thank you honey! I love you very much! And don’t know what I did for God to grace me with such a blessing to have you as my wife!

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