Posted: July 8, 2008 in Faith, Left field
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Some what of an ominuous title huh? Well I am not writing an epilogue on my life, Lord willing that won’t be needed for many more years from now.  The epilogue that I speak of was actually written by a well known man before his own death.

In May of 1785 Benjamin Franklin was concluding his affairs in France and preparing to depart back to America.  He had spent several years in France doing just a litte thing like securing the alliance of France to support the American Revolution, maintaining their continued support as an American Ambassador, and then negotiating the peace treaty between America and Great Britian, which was the firt time that we were acknowledged as a indepedent nation.  Benjamin Franklin had been living in France since 1777 serving his country as an appointed representative. During his time he formed many friendships there that when it came time to return home he had significant relationships to part with.  One of those was David Hartley who had helped him in many of the negotiations between France, Great Britian and outher countries in Europe.  In a letter written to David Hartley Benjamin Franklin wrote ” We were long fellow laborers in the best of all works, the work of peace, I leave you still in the field, but having finished my day’s work, I am going hom to go to bed! Wish me a good night’s rest, as I do you a pleasant evening. Adieu!” Benjamin Frnaklin’s health was failing and he knew that he was in the twilight of his life.  Even though ti would be another five years before his death, and much work yet to be done in forming the government of America he knew that he would not return to France.

Now Benjamin Franklin was not characerizied by history as a devout Christian.  There are many indications that he merley believed that there was a God up there. And it didn’t seem to go much beyond that. Now this great man, might not have been a practicing, believing Christian, but I am a Christian. Now I am no where even a fraction of the great mant hat Benjamin Franklin was, but when I hear his words I can not help but apply his parting words to my life.

I am leaving the field and leaving you behind so that I can go to my final rest.  How awesome that would be to have that said of our lives.  Taht we spent our lives working in the fields of the greatest peace ever, the salvation of Jesus Christ.  Sewing, reaping and harvesting souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is an awesome thing to think that I could at the end of my life look back and count myself a faithful worker in the field along side others. When that day comes may that be said of me!

Source: Benjamin Franklin: An American Tail by Walter Issacson

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