Posted: June 30, 2008 in Faith

This morning I sat in the Sunday morning service and listened to a wonderful message.  A message that can not be preached enough.  But our Senior Pastor Pete Tackett shared a story from his own life to illustrate the wonderful gift that has been given through Jesus Christ.  That gift is the gift of salvation that is given by God so that all may know Him, and be made righteous in His eyes.  But this story went a little deeper and illustrated the perspective of God when we don’t pay attention to this precious gift, basing it all upon Hebrews 2:3.

Pastor Pete shared the story of when he was a child and his step father bought him and his brother shotguns.  It was what they did.  They would go out hunting and shoot squirrels and rabbits in the area of Northeast Tennessee where they lived. The fact that a shot gun was given was very important because this was not an inexpensive gift.  And Pastor Pete’s step father worked very hard, and sometimes two jobs.  So giving him and his brother shot guns was a financial commitment, and made the gift more valuable than the pricetag that the store attached. 

Well one day after being out shooting the young Pastor Pete came home.  He set his rifle down against the house and kicked off his dirty boots after being out in a damp, cool spring day.  So he goes inside and takes a warm shower, gets something to eat and forgets about the rifle sitting on the front porch.  Later that night, about midnight as he was asleep his bedroom door flies open and his stepfather is standing there. Wanting to know why he has left his shotgun on the front porch, and someone could have come by and taken it. Or worse even shot themselves not knowing what they were doing.

How many times as children have we not appreciated a gift that was given to us by our parents, or a loved ones.  We thought it was great but didn’t take care of it as we should and suddenly a parent appears asking why don’t take better care of the things that we are given?

As I listened to the illustration this morning during the service I gave it some thought and wanted to share it here. Because I have to think that God looks down at us and sees the gift of salvation that he gave through His Son, and the respect that we show to this awesome gift.  A gift that we don’t respect, a gift that we don’t appreciate, and a gift that we don’t share.  God gave the gift of salvation out of love, when he didn’t have to.  He gave it through His Son, when he didn’t have to.  And His Son paid a great price for each one of us. 

So give praise to God for the gift that He has given us.  Because one day he is going to ask the question why didn’t we take care of this gift?

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