Another Day

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Left field
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I was driving into work this morning. And as many of you can say I was thinking that I had another day to go through. Another list of things that had to get done, and another schedule to complete, goals to achieve. But thank God it is Friday, but there was still another day that needed to be done. But as I was driving I plogged in the iPod and started playing the new Matthew West album that I downloaded earlier this week. 

As I listened to the first track of the album, “Something to Say”, God really spoke to me and challenged me.  The first song is called Something to Say, and  it leads off with the line ‘7:32 and I wake up and prepare to face another day’ or something like that.  (Forgive the paraphrase Mr. West.) And I started thinking about facing another day. 

How often at the start of a day do we think about another day that we have to face.  And we think that it is the worst thing. It is going to be a long day, busy, stressful, hard and difficult.  And many times days can be like that and at the end of the day you are wore out and ready to crash into the bed. 

Yet this morning God reminded me about my day yesterday.  It was a day where I was able to hear both my parents say that they were proud of me and congratulate me on being placed in a place of service in my church.  I was able to see the excitement and enthusasim of my daughter when the UPS man delivered her Animal rescuer vest like Diego’s.  And watch her show me every little feature, and see the joy on her face.  I got to spend an hour playing and having fun on the new Rock Band for Wii with my wife.  I was able to hang out with a friend and meet some new people.  I was able to spend time in prayer and study, and continually grow closer to God.  That was my day yesterday.

Now that doesn’t mean that yesterday didn’t have its stresses, its appointments, its tasks, its meetings that had to be done.  But how pale do those thing compare to the smile on my daughter’s face, the laughter of my wife, the fellowship of a friend, the closeness with my Savior. 

So when I thought of another day. I had to stop and ask God to give me another day like yesterday.  So when you think that you have to start another day, give it a minute and think about the blessings that yesterday held. And instead of thinking of all that you have to do today, think instead of all the exciting blessings that God has in store for you through this day!

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