I have a Daddy

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Family Update
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My all time favorite television show, above Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and anything else is the televisin M.A.S.H.  I can watch it all day, everyday.  And on Father’s Day I think of one particular episode when Hawkeye learns that his father is going in for a difficult surgery. Half way around the world Hawkeye is going crazy, desperatly trying to get speak to his father, or at least learn of his status.  Throughout his turmoil Charles Emerson Winchester, III sits with him.  He tries to help him and work with him to see him through this difficult time. During the course of the conversation Charles shares about his relationship with his father, or his lack there of.  He listens to Hawkeye talk about his relationship with his father and learns that Hawkeye has a different, and a deeper relationship with his father.  Charles makes the statement, ” Where I have a father you have a dad.”

Five years ago my wife and I bought our very first home. It is a small little home that sits on a little more than an acre of land. It is beautiful. It sits atop a very small hill, that slopes down to a creek that is surrounded on both sides by tall oak, and maple trees.  I love my house, and we bought it brand new so this is our house and no one elses.  Like alot of new homes the yard was seeded before we bought it. And of course they covered the grass seed with straw.  It is a good way to keep the birds from getting to it and allowing it the oppurtunity to grow.  Yet once the grass starts to grow you have to remove the straw and rake it all up. 

So here I am a box of lawn and leaf bags, my brand new rake, ready to tackle my first yard project in my new home.  My father calls me before I head outside to begin work and asks me what I am doing. I tell him what I am getting ready to do and we talk for a few minutes and conclude the call.  So I head out into the yard to begin what I arrogantly thought would be a quick and easy job.  And I job that I thought I could simply, and efficently do without help.

Two and a half hours later I have barely gotten past the halfway point and I have about forty five minutes of daylight left.  I stop for a breather as the sweat is pouring down my face.  I look to the left and look to the right as I stood at the base of that gently slopping hill. And seeing how much I had left my heart sank.  I was just ready to loose heart when I look back up the hill and see my dad standing at the top of the hill wearing work clothes and a rake in his hand.

I am utterly surprised.  He has driven forty five minutes to my house to come and help his arrogant and prideful son finish the project that he knew would be more than a one man job.  So he jumps in and we are able to nearly finish the project. We got close enough that the next night I was able to finish in about twenty minutes.  Where as all have a father, I have a dad!

To all fathers, have fathers day! But especially to my dad. Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for all that you have done throughout my life, and all that you did and I never knew you were there. Thank you for the example that you set, and the encouragement you provided.  Thank you for being my dad!

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