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Posted: June 8, 2008 in Politics
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It is that time again. Where the mudslinging begins.  As the dust begins to settle between the parties and they themselves begin to pick their candidate for President, the citizens of the US begin to look to where they will vote.  Senator Clinton has thrown her support behind Obama, and for all intents and purposes it looks like Senator McCain will be the Republican representative.  As the political analysts have their field day with over analysying every word that is said by the candidates the church must listen, and listen only.

No where in the Bible do we have it recorded where the church was voting in a political race. Mainly because the idea of democracy wouldn’t be around for about another 1,700 years.  But in the United States we have a unique situation where the church as a whole can not only be drawn by congregational lines but by political lines.  And this can be dangerous. 

I believe that every citizen should vote, and should vote intelligently.  By looking at the candidates and learing what they believe and stand for.  And I know that a lot of candidates make campaign promises that they never keep.  But that is no different than when we make a promise to a brother or sister in Christ and fail to keep it.  While learning as much as we can about the candidates we have to listen to what is being said, but also more importantly listen and hear the Holy Spirit.

Please note that I said listen and hear the Holy Spirit.  When we vote we can not, as believes, vote independently of our beliefs and the leading of the Spirit.  It can be hard but political lines are not biblical.  The only bibilical political line is the line to God.  And how can we cast something as powerful as a vote, without consulting Him. 

Imagine what are nation would look like if we voted by follwing the spirit as a nation after devoted prayer. I think that our nation would look very different than it does now in many ways.  So by all means vote! But don’t vote without asking, listening and hearing what God has to say.

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