An Ending with A Smile

Posted: May 24, 2008 in Family Update

Cousins meet for the first time.Well I just got home and had the oppurtunity to spend the day with my daugher. But not just my daughter but her new cousin, Linda as well as her mother and father.  It was so wonderful to spend a day with her.  I swear I think her face must be hurting right now as she never stopped smiling all day long.  She is a wonderful child that I loved spending the day getting to know.  And one of the most awesome things is that she doesn’t know the first word of English but she was able to not only communicate with me but with my daughter.  To watch two children that can’t share a word together spend the day laughing and praying was wonderful.  Well maybe they could share a few words together.  After spending a few days talking to my daughter about Madison not being able to speak English, Madison did what most children now a days would do.  She reverted to her knowledge from Dora.  All day she talked about the words that she knew from Dora and was looking for a way to send it.  It was a wonderful day with my brother and his family. A day that I am very thankful to be a part of. 

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