God’s Hand

Posted: May 15, 2008 in Family Update

Our God is an awesome God!  I can not say that loud enough after a day like today.  Where I have had the oppurtunity to witness his miracolous hand working!  Let me set the stage.

Approximately fifteen months ago my brother and his wife decided to adopt a little girl that they met while they were living in Nicaraguga and working at an orphanage there.  They began the process of having a home study written, and following the legal stuff here in the states.  As the proccess continued they learned that it would happen quicker on the U.S. side than on the Nicaragugan side.  And we found out that was true.  Over the past fifteen months my brother and/ or his wife having been living and working at the orphanage so that they could be close to the little girl during this long process.  Often times it meant my brother and his wife would be separated for months at a time.  I would love to go into detail on all the trials, but let me say that there has been doubt, heartache, confusion, and frustration, and that is only my part I can’t imagine what my brother and his wife were going through.

Fast forward to last Friday. When I get an email from my brother saying that he is leaving that day to go down there and get his wife and daughter and bring them home! Absolutely wonderful news, after all this time it is going to finally happen! He was leaving and hoped to be back on the 16th with his family.  Praise God!

Jump to today, this morning to be specific.  I get a phone call from my mother telling me that my brother has called and there is rioting in Nicaraguga  to including burning of buses, looting to mention a few things.  My brother is being told that he should leave the country and come back to the United States for safety reasons. So it has been a pretty nerve wrecking day, until we received the word that all three, my brother his wife, and their new American Citizen daughter are in Miami and on U.S. soil! Praise God!

Now I am not doing this story justice, but let me reflect on the working of God in this process of leaving the country and coming home.  The orphanage that they live out was outside the city and was near the heart of the rioting.  My brother and his wife had planned several days ago to come to the city and go to the American Embassy and pick up the final papers on their daughter’s status as American citizen.  They decide to make this a trip for all three instead of just one of my brother and his wife coming into the city.  Once they are in the city they are told that they shouldn’t go back to the oprhanage due to the rioting and should just leave, and return to the U.S.  Of course their clothes, belongings, and medications for their daughter are back at the orphanage.  Now it might seem like a no brainer decision to leave and be safe and replace things like clothes and other things, which is what they did.

Here is what I have reflectedthus far today.  If this would have happened two weeks ago, my sister-n-law would have not been able to make it into the city to be able to leave, as the orphanage’s location would have required her to pass through rioting.  None the less she would not have been able to take her daughter with her because the paperwork had not been completed as of yet.  And of course she would have been alone there, and my brother would have not been able to get to her.  So they were together and were able to face it as a family.

All they really needed to do was come into the city and then turn around and go back to the orphanage. It was not a neccessity that all three came into the city.  They could have just as easily left their daughter at the orphanage and come back, or my brother could have went in alone.  Instead they all came in as a family and were able to leave as a family.  If only my brother would have come in to the city, I dare not hazard a guess as to what might have happened if he had to go back through rioting to try and get his family. 

I know that some of this might seem like a coincidence to some but in the middle of chaos God was never away from my brother and his family.  And every little thing that happened to get them all three to the point of being at a place where they could safely leave the country was God’s plan!

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